Drink Paraphernalia

Gather us all on this festive occasion to consume the ingredients of the celebration. Family, supper, moonlight, spirits; daggers, demons, desolation.   Soon as the caps come off of their flasks, ghosts emerge to fulfill their tasks. Heartbreak, horror, hopelessness, all drown beneath delighted masks.   The smell of revelry, nauseates from each breath whose… Continue reading Drink Paraphernalia

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Let’s Talk About Read Receipts

Ah, read receipts—the virtual signifiers of acknowledgement we love to hate. (And for the peasants who have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to take your inferior posteriors off this page.) Read receipts have a bad reputation for making people feel ignored and insignificant. And for those of us who have been “left… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Read Receipts