Drink Paraphernalia


Gather us all on this festive occasion

to consume the ingredients of the celebration.

Family, supper, moonlight, spirits;

daggers, demons, desolation.

Soon as the caps come off of their flasks,

ghosts emerge to fulfill their tasks.

Heartbreak, horror, hopelessness,

all drown beneath delighted masks.

The smell of revelry, nauseates

from each breath whose blood intoxicates

and as the noisome laughter grows,

the fragile soul deteriorates.

Watch the flow of joyful tears

horror-stricken rowdy cheers

the clink of drink paraphernalia–

a vessel of poison to shorten one’s years.

Oh, the agony of bliss!

Drops of death drip from its kiss!

Desperate splendor, ecstatic pain

lead us down this drunk abyss.

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