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Let’s Talk About Read Receipts

Unpopular opinion: I like read receipts.     

Ah, read receipts—the virtual signifiers of acknowledgement we love to hate. (And for the peasants who have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to take your inferior posteriors off this page.)

Read receipts have a bad reputation for making people feel ignored and insignificant. And for those of us who have been “left of read,” this may be true. However, as one of the few people I know who have chosen to leave their read receipts on, I can attest to some of the benefits of exposing oneself to that extra layer of vulnerability. Read below for – reasons why I support the use of read receipts.

  1. They’re convenient.

Among use between family and friends, read receipts can indicate that I’m OK, that I got their message, that I’m available…etc., all without saying one word. Without read receipts, however, my loved ones can be left hanging if I don’t respond to their every message. Read receipts are an unspoken sign of communication that save me the trouble of sending unnecessary extra texts.

  1. They keep me accountable.

Ever respond to a text message in your head but forget to respond in real life? That wouldn’t happen if you used read receipts. Since I’m aware that the person I’m texting can see that I’ve read the message (and don’t act like you’ve never gone back to a conversation to check), this motivates me to respond to messages right away. If I see a message on my lock screen and am not ready to respond yet because I’m busy or whatnot, I’ll simply leave the message alone until I have the time to answer. That way, I rarely ever miss a response.

  1. They send a message that words cannot.

Probably one of the main arguments against read receipts is that people will know when you’re ignoring them. Personally, I hardly ignore messages, but if you’re really trying to ignore someone…don’t you kind of want them to know that you’re ignoring them? Whether it’s the person you’re just not interested in, the frenemy who’s getting on your nerves, or the family member you’re giving the silent treatment to, read receipts get the point across.

So there you have it—3 reasons why I like read receipts. I’ve also found that they’ve helped me become a better communicator by forcing me to respond in challenging situations. Hope this listicle gave you a reason to consider doing just the same.

Why do you keep your read receipts on? Share your reasons in the comments, below!

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