The sun

Bright orange with brilliant rays of violent red

Blinding and binding me to the softened pink sky it floats in.

At first, I see beauty, mesmerizing

But in my heart, I only see the heated menace, destroying everything in its path.

The moon

Glowing yellow like a big round lemon in the sky,

The clouds around it exposed by its shining arms of light.

At first sight, it is delightful, mesmerizing,

But at second sight,

I only see a skull and crossbones.


Ah, so you have returned

Like the grapefruit juices squeezed into the sky-mesmerizing.

Hypnotize me, that you do, but fool me you do not.


Pupil of the red weeping eye

Your hatred matches mine, but your glare cries out with the desire to destroy.

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